Dear colleagues, students and friends!
'm sincerely glad to pay compliments you on this site.
It concerns those who has come on this site for the first time and absolutely casually. If you not the auditor, not the student also has no attitude to book keeping and maintenance of safety of the and another's money resources and material assets, your grandmother in the past have not condemned for large waste if you are not excited with beggarly existence of the majority of the fellow citizens, and also practice of universal assignment by separate persons of the national property created by you and your parents, throw! Do not read further! Don't be tied up! Do not pay money for the Internet! Leave a site!
For the others I shall tell a little about myself. In practical audits I am engaged all conscious life, constantly combining teaching activity in high schools and at courses of improvement of qualification of auditors. Only in system of former Control and auditing management the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation of the order of 17 years. The subsequent activity also has been connected with problems of becoming of the financial control over our country.
Besides this, has protected on this theme the master's thesis in the Moscow State University of Lomonosov and the thesis for a doctor's degree in Financial academy at the Government of the Russian Federation. It is elected by the professor on faculty of book keeping and audit of the All-Russia state tax academy of Federal tax service of the Russian Federation.
Now I head auditing service in one of FSUP of Federal agency on management of federal property.
To creation of a site the initial desire to help preceded the students and not only at development of a subject «Control and audit», to a writing of course and degree works.
Then it is natural outgrew in real, through Internet, opportunity to communicate and with colleagues on problems of the theory and practice of the organization and carrying out of effective audits of safety of a state ownership and joint-stock property.
Long not acceptance of the federal act «About the financial control» to Russia, absence of our professional community, barefaced revelry of plunders and assignments only has pushed to realization of this idea.
You will find the basic purposes and tasks in the presented blocks of a site.
I shall be glad, if this site will bring to you the real help in scientific and practical activities, will help to solve to some extent professional problems, will form the basis to grow fond of our infrequently meeting speciality. It will testify also to your patriotism - that to you the destiny of the Native land and questions of the savings of national property of the country, unfortunately, taken away by officials of all levels and colours are not indifferent.
I think, hardly the changed known slogan here is quite logical: «Auditors of all branches - be consolidated!» To that we shall show, that we are not worse than bookkeepers, auditors and other. And to carry out it follows only on principles of the valid voluntariness and the recognized professionalism. The main thing - to not become bureaucratic in the known ways.
The only thing - should be remembered, that all this for ourselves, my dear colleagues.
I shall be not less glad if to respond my friends whom met on study and work in private life.
From All I shall be glad to receive opinions about stated above, constructive offers and advice in achievement conceived.
Always at your service.