Degree works

1. Dahich O.N. - the State financial control

2. Lisichkin E.V. - essence of the internal control over the enterprise processing diamond raw material

Kromorenko - Forms of concealment of financial crimes

4. Dmitrovskaja K.V. - Audit of movement commodity-material assets

Lapin - Check of legality of bank operations

6. Formation of the local budget and a technique of the organization and carrying out of audits in municipal formations

Dzandarov - the Order of carrying out and the organization of audit of the enterprises of various branches

8. Delikov B.P. - the Organization of the internal control of process of supply on an example of Open Society DSK

9. Zhirnov M.A. - System of the intrafirm financial control

10. Ivanova I.A. - the Intrafinancial control over the organization, an estimation of its productivity

11. Ivashkina O.S. - the Technique of audits in budgetary establishments

12. Kolesova S.A. - Problems of development of the financial control over the organizations

13. Petruhina E.V. - Problems of legal regulation of book keeping in the Russian Federation

14. Rodionova E.N. - the Problem of legal regulation of book keeping in Russia

15. Hasikov V.A. - Problems of the organization of
control and auditing work in enforcement authorities

16. Churkin I.V. - External audit and the state financial control

17. Eksner A.J. - Audit and audit as the form of the financial control